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 Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan

Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan


Name:  SASI RAJ           

Class name: 8th Grade

Type of student: 30 students of mixed ability students, age  12-13 years old                  

Duration of lesson:  30 minutes



(For introduction and revision of the vowel sounds - previous unit)
(For minimal pairs)

(For  vowel sounds   i: i )  (beat/bit, heed/hid, leap/lip, reach/rich, seek/sick, read/rid, weep/whip)

 (For  vowel sounds :  ɒ  ɔ: ) (cot/caught, fox/forks, often/orphan, pot/port, shot/short, spot/sport)

 (For vowel sounds :  ʌ  æ ) (cat/cut, mad/mud, match/much, lack/luck, matter/mutter, cap/cup, slam/slum)

OTHER MATERIAL: Worksheets having the minimal pair words with phonetic symbols of those sounds to be learned by the students.


Revision of the English vowel sounds:    i: i,  ɒ ɔ: ,  ʌ  æ

Objective of the lesson : After learning the vowel sounds i: i,  ɒ ɔ: , ʌ  æ  (condition), the students (audience) will be able to identify the same sounds (behavior) in all the minimal pairs having the same sounds (degree).

TECHNOLOGY OBJECTIVES: After listening to the audio recording of the vowel sounds from the interactive websites (condition), the students (audience) will identify the same sounds (behavior) in all the minimal pairs given in the interactive websites (degree).

PROCEDURES: Steps of the presentation of lesson  -
1.First, students will listen to these vowel sounds on the interactive websites
    i: i,  ɒ ɔ: ,  ʌ  æ

2. Then, they will repeat the sounds (say the sounds aloud)

3. Then, they identify the sounds in the minimal pairs given in the interactive websites

etc.(This is an assessment part)

1. Students listen to the vowel sounds on the interactive websites and repeat them aloud
2. Students listen to the vowel sounds and identify the sounds in the minimal pairs by clicking on the correct word.

ASSESSMENT: Students take a formal test by clicking on the correct word having the sound they hear from the interactive websites and see their grades on the websites immediately.

BACK UP PLAN: (Plan “B”)

Work sheets having the minimal pairs along with phonetic symbols of the vowel sounds that the students are going to learn.

Students will prepare a set of minimal pairs for the vowel sounds that they have learned on the interactive websites.


  1. Dear Sasi,

    I love your lesson plan and the focus on pronunciation. As we have already stated in this course, pronunciation tends to be neglected in our classes so I admire your devoting a whole class to it.

    From what you have written in your lesson plan, I am sure this has been a very lively lesson.

    Great job!

    Gordana from Serbia

  2. HI Sasi,

    Excellent work on your lesson plan! I love that you've chosen to focus on pronunciation, particularly vowel sounds. Mastering the vowel sounds is difficult for all English language learners; the more practice, the better.

    The technology you've chosen will support students in achieving the well written objectives you've included. Nice work using the ABCD model!

    The lesson is a little short, but it seems long enough for students to achieve their expectations. You might consider adding an objective that's focused on student's production of the vowel sounds in minimal pairs. They could record themselves producing the sounds/words on Vocaroo,, and provide you with the link or file of the recording.

    Also, considering your interest in vowel sounds, you should check out the Color Vowel Chart, The visual with the colors and the different letter combinations that produce the vowel sounds help reinforce English vowels. It's a great site for all learning styles.

    Thanks for turning in a great plan!