Sunday, 16 November 2014


More learning .........more about more web tools for engaging students in learning!

This week took more momentum towards my learning more about more web tools that will help me in engaging students in learning tasks.

The links provided in the reading section were really wonderful .Those links introduced me to different kinds of web pages having useful instructions, tips , case studies, reports and projects about the effective interactive use of technology and techniques, especially  the use of PowerPoint as an interactive teaching and learning tool. I have learned a lot of useful tips and minute details about the use of PowerPoint in the classroom teaching. My visit of
was an enriching experience.
For the first time I have come to know about making interactive PowerPoint. It was a new discovery  for me  when I read the articles/materials on using PowerPoint and improving PowerPoint  to engage the students and motivate  students to actively participate in the classroom learning.And then making an interactive PowerPoint and posting it to our Wiki was also a great learning experience for me. I learned to make it. This EXPERIENCE is going to make a big change in my classroom teaching.
I learned more about how I can use engagement triggers and tasks in my classroom teaching. I have learned now how to use cartoons, photographs, images, pictures, video clips, etc to make my class interactive. I learned more about short pair activities and group activities to be used in my class. Knowing more about ‘Think-pair –share’ and its extended activities like ‘write-pair-share’ activity was really interesting.

Week 6 was a really a great week in the sense that it helped me to anayse the techniques that I use in my class and some of the new techniques that I learned from the websites which were provided by the instructors and choose which ones would be suitable and useful to my class.  

This week offered me an opportunity to put into practice what I am learning from this E-teacher program - the implementing part of the technology related change in my class. Yes. I was able to start implementing the project in my class. It was a delightful experience helping students create their own blogs and getting their blogs links by email. Seeing their blogs and them getting motivated beyond my expectations was a rewarding experience for me and a great achievement. This experience made me realize that technology does wonders in the field of teaching and learning if we know how to use it .

There is no limit for joy and wonder.........during this week. It should be only experienced..... learning and using technology and techniques to engage students in their learning tasks!


  1. Hi Sasi,
    Really this week is the great opportunity to get the knowledge of engaging students and interactive lectures in large classes.And as you, using power point will bring me change in my teaching strategies.
    I love your blog you have made clear about the power point and engaging students.

  2. It's a great pleasure reading your week 6 reflection, Sasi! Your enthusiasm for the weekly material and learnings is apparent. How wonderful!

    I'm so happy that the Webskills course supported you in making your first interactive powerpoint (PPT). You are right that your teaching has been changed as a result. The more comfortable you get creating PPTs, the more you discover about using this tool. You'll just keep getting better, and your students will benefit greatly.

    Thanks for a great blog post!