Sunday, 2 November 2014




It has really been a great week, full of challenging tasks - searching for interesting interactive websites for reading, writing and vocabulary skill building, description of my class issue/problem for the project, writing a technology enhanced lesson plan, etc.
Each task was a learning experience for me ,especially using websites for teaching reading and writing. I found the wonderful web tools and the marvelous interactive websites that I visited during the week  are quite interesting for me and the experience has now begun to give an entirely  new  dimension to my teaching profession.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing my technology enhanced lesson plan .It took a lot of thinking and planning about the outline of the lesson and the websites or web tools that I want to use in my technology enhanced lesson. I felt a bit strenuous while preparing the lesson but I was greatly delighted when it finally took shape. It was a great rewarding experience.
Describing my class issue was also a wonderful task which helped me to get a profound insight into my classroom setting, teaching, type of students, teaching/learning goals, etc. I have learned what an action research project in the field of teaching is from my describing my class issue.

On the whole ,it was an exciting journey through various websites, web pages and web based tasks  which make me feel that I am on my way to become an e-teacher.
Great many thanks to the instructors for their efforts in designing interesting web based tasks and activities.

Sasi Raj

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