Sunday, 26 October 2014


Yet another important and interesting week I had.....Week 3.So many interesting things to recall and reflect on ..... The aural/oral skills development tasks and the related websites are really a new discovery for me. For the first time in my life, I have visited such interesting and powerful interactive websites which provide awesome resources for developing aural/oral skills. I was really amazed by the remarkable features these websites have. After browsing these websites I have become more confident in teaching sounds of English, pronunciation, word stress, etc. Now I can easily teach my students aural/oral skills using interesting websites.
 Another important task that filled me with boundless delight was saving the websites links in It was really great discovery and an interesting task for me, which will go a long way in my teaching career in having a great mine of websites links.
Reading the two articles “Teaching Pronunciation to Adult English Language Learners” by Kirsten Schaetzel  and  “Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Teach English” by Shahla Yassaei was a wonderful experience for me. It would help me in teaching listening skills and speaking skills using digital tools.  I got a better understanding about teaching of the aural and oral skills using web technology.
I also learned a great deal about the kind of  Project I need to do as part of the e-teacher program by reading past Final Project reports. Reviewing the past project was a great learning experience for me as it gave me an insight into the kind of work I am expected to.
In short , I would like to say that again I had a wonderful week full of interesting learning experiences.
Sasi Raj


  1. I agree with you, Sasi. This week has been very interesting indeed. It has given us insights on different ways to approach web searching, bookmarking and selecting resources for our ESL/EFL classroom. It has been a week full of learning and enjoyment.
    Best wishes,
    Evelyn (Venezuela)

  2. Dear Sasi,

    Please visit this new blog I have created and leave your comment on the idea

    Gordana from Serbia