Sunday, 23 November 2014

Week 7 : A Challenging and thrilling Week

It was really a challenging week for me. Right from day 1 I was completely busy with my academic schedules and official trip to some places. I was sometimes hard pressed for time. In spite of my hectic schedules I was able to complete the tasks for the week. It is due to the fact that the tasks were quite interesting and they were quite new. So with the new found joy, and with the energy and zeal born out of curiosity, I raced against time to complete the assigned tasks.
'Learner Autonomy' though I knew a little bit about it, my reading of the article “Emerging Technologies  : Autonomous Language Learning by Robert Godwin-Jones  was an eye opener for me. I also read some more articles such as David Nunan’s “Nine Steps to Learner Autonomy” to get a complete understanding about this very important component of teaching-learning process. I am happy that  now I have a better understanding of this important concept which would certainly help me in making my classroom teaching more interesting and effective.
Then the tips about the use of one-computer classroom are also very useful for me. Though I use one-computer class most of the time, these tips taught me how to use one computer class in an efficient manner.
I was amazed at the limitless scope and the innumerable ways in which mobile phone can be used in and outside classroom. I prepared an activity for use of mobile phones in learning vocabulary in the classroom. I was greatly delighted when I posted it in Nicenet.
Another important and interesting thing that happened was the pairing for peer review of our project report. It was really a great opportunity to interact with our friends asking or agreeing to be project partners. I am happy to be paired with Sergio for my project work. This was a nice experience.
Then continuing with the implementation of our project in the class, though challenging, was very exciting. Guiding my students to continue with their reading, writing and commenting on their blogs and giving feedback on their tasks filled me with a rush of new enthusiasm and energy of a person who has invented something new. The whole week offered me, I should say, a lifetime experience in the field of teaching and learning of English.
A challenging and thrilling week – Week 7!  Now marching towards Week 8......... for more challenging tasks!
Thank you instructors for equipping me with new tech skills every week.

Sasi Raj


  1. Hello Sasi Raji,
    Deep feelings are well expressed in your post. Really, it is because of the importance and value in doing these activities that push us to struggle and do our best to race against time, effort to achieve the best from this course. It is also a good recognition to the moderators and those who are taking care of this course to continue.
    Keep it up.

    Abdesalam ZOUITA

  2. Great to see we agree in more things dear friend. I was particularly appreciative of the learning I acquired on the last few weeks. Special knowledge and joyous experiences with this great course. I feel the next months will continue teaching us a lot.
    Regards Sasi Raj.