Sunday, 9 November 2014



Week 5 has been a great week, full of practical tasks, reading and brwsing.  Reading of the articlesMaximizing the Benefits of Project Work in Foreign Language Classrooms by Brulent Alan and Frederika L. Stoller and “Seven Essentials for Project-based Learning” by John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller about Project-Based Learning (PBL) gave me a lot of insight into the understanding of the Project-Based Learning. Though I have heard about PBL I had not had  much opportunity to learn more about it till I learned about it this week through reading of the articles, websites and case-studies. I enjoyed learning about PBL and I can say with certainty that  I have got greater understanding of PBL now and I have decided to use PBL frequently in my classes hereafter.

Another important task that I am delighted to mention is to learn about ‘alternative assessment’ and ‘rubrics’. Reading articles about ‘alternative assessment’ and visiting web pages to learn about  ‘rubrics’ and web-quest were interesting experiences. Though designing alternative assessment tools and rubrics are a bit difficult tasks, I have grasped their value and significance in the 21st teaching/learning scenario. Understanding alternative assessment and rubrics in the correct perspective with the help of technology has been a real great experience for me and it has injected into me new strength as an e-English teacher. Designing and preparing rubrics for a writing task using was an awesome experience for me.

Yet another interesting experience I had was writing technology related change that I would implement in my class (which is a project step). Initially when I started thinking about how and in what way and what change I would like to implement in my class with the help of technology, it was very difficult for me to give shape to my plan. But after much thought, I was successful in writing it. I felt it was a challenging task.

On the whole, the week’s tasks were both challenging and interesting. The week offered practical tasks and challenging activities and introduced me to many new things and areas of digital learning.

Thank you, all participants and the instructors for the great week.


Sasi Raj from India  

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  1. Hi Sasy!
    I also tried Rubistar and I really like it. Rubrics make our jobs easier. They facilitate our assessments work and also provide detailed information to our students about the exact language aspects we want to evaluate. You are cordially invited to visit my blog and see my rubric there.
    Happy week!
    Evelyn from Venezuela