Sunday, 16 November 2014


In my technology related project, my main objective is to use technology to motivate students in reading and writing tasks/activities. I would like to find out whether technology and internet resources would provide high level motivation and interest in reading and writing tasks.   

I made some changes in my original project step in order to get more focused. First, I got my students create their own blogs and send their blog links to me by email. Keeping in mind the course objectives of my class, I wanted my students to read their lessons on their own. I asked them to read the lessons from their e-textbooks available online in the text books publisher’s website. To start with, I asked them to read three lessons (two short stories and one short biography) from the online e-text book. Then I asked them to write a short summary along with a brief comment on each of the three lessons and post them onto their blogs. Most of the students have completed the reading of the lessons and the posting of the summary to their blogs. Once all the students have completed this task, each one of the students will visit at least five blogs of their classmates, read the summaries and write comments on each of the posts in the blogs.
I have visited their blogs and I have found them awesome. My joy finds no bounds when I see their marvelous blogs in terms of design and content. I have already begun to feel the change that is happening because of technology. Students who are not at all interested in reading these lessons using the text books and would not be interested in writing tasks in the classroom are showing a lot of interest and are writing wonderful reviews in their blogs.

Writing comments in the blogs would certainly be another interesting activity for them. This will be their next task, which is an impossible task in the classroom, given the nature and the size of the class.

There is more to do, peer evaluation and introducing the students to rubrics for evaluation, reading more online and making more posts......during the next week. They are writing their mid-term exam conducted by the school next week but I hope they will find time to do their reading and writing tasks.


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