Saturday, 11 October 2014



First of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the US Embassy and the Regional English Language Office (RELO) in India for giving me the rarest opportunity to participate in the online course “ Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web”.

I feel it is a life- time experience for me to be a participant in this course. The email informing me about the acceptance of my application filled me with overflowing joy. After the registration, I felt that the course would be a very difficult task but at the same time  it filled me with excitement because of the nature of the course and the tasks involved in it. The name of the course “ Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web” fascinated me very much and I knew pretty sure that I was going to learn something entirely new. Though I am not a web savvy, the passion to learn web skills gave me the impetus to eagerly wait for the course to start. I joined the Discussions for Week 1 very late as I was on an academic tour and I had to race against time to complete the assignments for Week 1. The instructors were very helpful and gave instructions and information related to the course tasks and assignments well in advance. I would like to thank all the instructors who took extra effort to inform me about joining the Discussions in time.  

There was a range of tasks and activities during Week 1. We can not take the course very lightly. I started with the visit of the course website to explore the whole range of tasks, assignments, weekly schedules, etc. Then I filled out the needs assessment survey. These two tasks gave me sufficient information about the scope and nature of the course.

I joined the Discussion on Nicenet only on Friday as I was on an academic tour. It was a wonderful experience entering Nicenet , creating username and password and making the first post on the Discussion – “Introduction”. I was really wonderstruck at this .Then I went on to create my blog on the blogger. My heart leaped out of joy when I succeeded in creating my blog. Then I linked my post on the blog to the Wiki. Then I posted my comments on the Ground Rules for Discussions. All these web-based tasks gave me a series of thrilling experiences which filled me with wonder and awe.

On the whole, Week 1 has been full of delightful interactions with the web.

Now looking forward to learning more in Week 2.

Sasi Raj from India

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