Sunday, 19 October 2014


Week 2…..a great week! Full of activities …starting from Web Searching to Project Step. I had a great time busy using the internet browsing websites and web pages. Every time it was a new thing that I learned during the week.

Web Searching task has been really an eye opener for me – taking me to a completely a new world of wonders and surprises. I have come to know about the wonderful new search engines which took me to a whole new world of websites or web pages which were quite relevant for my search and topics. I have been really wonderstruck at the power of search engines. I have been able to prepare lesson plans and web materials for two of my class lessons using this web searching task. This experience has really helped a lot in my teaching this week’s class and I have a learned an important and great skill which is very much required in teaching English in this technology- rich world.

Writing ABCD model of objectives was also yet another exciting experience for me as I have never done before that way. So I have learned the advantage of writing the ABCD model of objectives and I have learned to write how to write teaching or learning objectives according to ABCD model. It was really a great learning experience for me.

Writing the class description for the project was also another important task that gave me an idea of re-thinking about my whole class in terms of  its nature, composition, background, learning goals, etc.

The whole week has been a rewarding experience for me while reading the posts of other friends on the Nicenet. I have learned a lot from the experiences posted on the Nicenet. I have come to know about the different class settings in different countries through the project task posted by all our friends on the Nicenet.

On the whole, Week 2 has filled me with rich learning experiences and I thank Ms Courtney and the other instructors for their meticulous plan, help and cooperation in making Week 2 a grand success for me.          

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