Thursday, 11 December 2014

Week 10: A great milestone in my professional development!

Amazing 10 weeks exciting journey takes a new turn .......a new start with technology!  

What shall I say now? .....the course has come to an end so fast without even our knowing it. The e-teacher course has been a superb professional development program for me.

There were many, many new things (teaching methods, techniques, innovative ideas, tools, etc) to learn! The course presented wonderful web tools which would make our teaching innovative and interesting.

All the topics that the course offered for our learning were very successful and are of great use to me. Among the many things that I have learned from the course, I would like to mention  a few which have made a tremendous impact on my teaching strategy and style.

1. ABCD model objectives – it was an exciting task for me as I have learned it for the first time. Now I know how to write teaching or learning objectives according to ABCD model. And I have learned the significance of this in my teaching.
2. Aural/oral skill-building was another important and successful teaching task the course offered. I enjoyed this completely technology based task and learned to use a lot many powerful audio tools from the websites.

3. Creating technology –enhanced lesson plan that I learned in Week 4. I consider it a great learning experience for me. Now I know how to create technology-enhanced lesson plan.

4. Understanding Project Based Learning (PBL) is yet another milestone in my teaching career.
5. Making Interactive PowerPoint presentation was also another important teaching tool that I learned from the course. Now I have begun to use it in my class.

6. In week 7, I learned the importance of using mobile devices for teaching and learning. This was a completely new idea for me.  

The topics such as ‘Learner Autonomy’, ‘Teaching Strategies’ , ‘Learning Styles’, etc gave me profound insights into the very process of teaching and learning. These are all eye-openers for me.

Finally, above all, implementing the technology related change in my class and the submission of my Project Report were the most interesting learning experiences offered by the course.

 I will love using the following technology tools in my class:

Google drive
Crossword Puzzle Maker

Sasi Raj

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